Ali Kassem
a broader vision

The patter of tiny feet

A mental abyss under despairing sheet Light bends to the dark in a soulless night Then enters the patter of tiny feet In the deep,


Standing static in the confusion of my thoughtsJammed and congested by its colliding and repelling signalsDissatisfied by their directions leading to chaotic madnessI remain static


A tear a Dew a water dropA heart a leaf a mountain topA cry in a night that will never stop Ali kassem


Frustrated and raged for the so little time spend with her Yet calm and relieved with the so little time spend with her Craving for


In a bed of lilies crowned with graceGiggles wrap shiny earths in silken laceIn my heart of hearts you blossomA secret garden of light and


A split personality of which I liveA split between vanity and morals that I believe To which should I surrender, to which should I give Knowing that if each


What are those pleasures that yet are so temperBut oh we seek them so tenderIn a lust that sweeps any contenderAnd yet they are so


  The Shell:Pillars of rocks constructed by pioneersArches of stone leaning to meet their peersCrystal and gold are the hanging chandeliers The Real :My back

A Whisper

The scent of her voice lingers in my ear It fills my whole with words I longed to hear My soul can rest now for

An Advice

An advice from a friend was given That I should let go or just give in But a strange force keeps me driven A force


With storms of trouble and clouds of stress Trying to grab to any thought of hope irrelevant of how trivial it is And there when


The mirror spoke to the bed-frame People used to stare at me in AAA but lately no one came All from kings and queens and


If green is the heart thus should be the blood From the red tan of soil the green forms to wood and from the darkest