The patter of tiny feet


A mental abyss under despairing sheet Light bends to the dark in a soulless night Then enters the patter of tiny feet In the deep, a rustle and whispers of lilies The gentlest of doves, yet a tempest of might The rose fashions life and summons the light The patter of tiny feet tames the wildest seas Love hearkens to the angel of grace The grey veils part and doubt has no trace The heart has to heed a call so sweet So is the might of the patter of tiny feet.

Dr. Issmat kassem



Standing static in the confusion of my thoughts
Jammed and congested by its colliding and repelling signals
Dissatisfied by their directions leading to chaotic madness
I remain static fearing to ride any thought given by my disturbed mind
Yet my mind argues that being static invokes confusion.
In the mist of all what to come would I be able to fog out any confusion?!
A circle in a circle in a circle where does it start, when would it end, are just an addition to the yet so expanding wave of confusion.

Ali kassem



In a bed of lilies crowned with grace
Giggles wrap shiny earths in silken lace
In my heart of hearts you blossom
A secret garden of light and joy
In my heart of hearts there's wisdom
Planted by a smile as bright as day
In my heart of hearts you blossom

In my darkness I seek your gentle face
The phantasms melt, gone with no trace
In my heart of hearts there's a sanctum
Forever yours a haven to cry or play
In my heart of hearts I'm never lonesome
Now that I cradle your wonder in sway
In my heart of hearts you blossom

Dr. Issmat Kassem




The Shell:
Pillars of rocks constructed by pioneers
Arches of stone leaning to meet their peers
Crystal and gold are the hanging chandeliers

The Real :
My back is arched and my limbs are stoned
I'm left leaning on nothing and my peers abandoned
A pillar for others and all what is mine should be adjourned
Hanging by my neck with a crystal rope and my dreams are auctioned
Words of poison spreading through my veins only to get me awakened
Words that slit like a knife and makes a sibling get disowned
Yet I should shut the fuck up and hell to me is adorned.

Ali Kassem



fingers wide

With storms of trouble and clouds of stress Trying to grab to any thought of hope irrelevant of how trivial it is And there when least expected and in the middle of this massive mess You take shelter in a humble mediocre place where, just to you, a sanctuary it is You lift your head up high and a smile draws out of this whole fuss You are now satisfied with just a whisper of love and a touch of tenderness Falling apart and assembled in just one kiss Oh dear oh dear I'm out of my body and heaven it is I prey to GOD to keep this bliss For I need nothing but..     this

Ali Kassem



The mirror spoke to the bed-frame People used to stare at me in AAA but lately no one came All from kings and queens and whoever seeks fame and now I exist no more and I'm crying in shame They were beautiful creatures indeed replied the bed-frame Beautiful!? Beautiful you say!? Is it true!? Or you're just playing a game? For I could only see my beauty in their eyes and I'm not to blame For my beauty is divine and I haven't seen the same

Ali Kassem