In a bed of lilies crowned with graceGiggles wrap shiny earths in silken laceIn my heart of hearts you blossomA secret garden of light and joyIn my heart of hearts there’s wisdomPlanted by a smile as bright as dayIn my heart of hearts you blossom In my darkness I seek your gentle faceThe phantasms melt, […]


  The Shell:Pillars of rocks constructed by pioneersArches of stone leaning to meet their peersCrystal and gold are the hanging chandeliers The Real :My back is arched and my limbs are stonedI’m left leaning on nothing and my peers abandonedA pillar for others and all what is mine should be adjournedHanging by my neck with […]


With storms of trouble and clouds of stress Trying to grab to any thought of hope irrelevant of how trivial it is And there when least expected and in the middle of this massive mess You take shelter in a humble mediocre place where, just to you, a sanctuary it is You lift your head […]


The mirror spoke to the bed-frame People used to stare at me in AAA but lately no one came All from kings and queens and whoever seeks fame and now I exist no more and I’m crying in shame They were beautiful creatures indeed replied the bed-frame Beautiful!? Beautiful you say!? Is it true!? Or you’re just […]