Broadcast Solutions

Broadcast engineering, Integration, Installation, and maintenance services. Highly skilled in the design of state-of-the-art digital broadcast systems

Mobile Apps Development

Custom Mobile applications design and Development, IOS, Android and soon on Windows Phone 8 platform

WEB Development

Responsive web designs that look great on any device with a comprehensive back-end control management system

3D Visualization

Creating images, diagrams, or animations to communicate a message. Architectural viz, Interior Viz, Product Viz, Animations and more...

Print and Motion Graphics

All your graphics needs, from Print to Video. Brand creation and design, Publications design, Advertising Campaigns creation and design.

Interior Branding and Design

Using space as a physical embodiment of the brand to create a ‘brand space’ . This is achieved through interiors, lighting, graphics, landscape

Latest Project

NBN TV Full Setup .. Still ON-GOING


Some of my Work


A short brief


Started my career in advertising (worked with international agencies) went through all the posts and titles till I reached the creative director post. Later I launched my own Agency in Kuwait “Art Visions” after a while my work shifted towards film and video where I started doing Motion Graphics and 3D animations. later I was commissioned to do visual effects for short films and TV commercials and My Advertising Agency turned into a Production House “Shades Production” with all its bells and whistles. In no time I was doing all sorts of film and video productions. Early 2003 I started my Broadcast journey, studied various techniques on constructing TV stations, while focusing on solution and development for infra structures, from a designer point of view this gave me a broader vision since I could see the end result and give an insight from the end user point of view before commencing in schematics.

Some of the job titles throughout my career

Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Video Director, 2D/3D Animator, Visual effects supervisor, Producer, Web Developer, Mobile Applications Developer, Broadcaster, Broadcast Engineer

aljazera award

Honors and Awards

2005 First prize ALJAZERRA FILM FESTIVAL Category of Film Promotion

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